2 Types Of Weight loss pills and supplements:

There are two types of weight loss pills and weight loss supplements are available in market:

1. Weight loss supplements which do not require prescription

These are risk free pills, supplements, drugs; no risk of side effects. You can purchase and use these pills and supplements without concerning a doctor. You can use these drugs with your current natural weight loss program. You should use these drugs as per instruction given on the label of supplements. But it is not a cost effective method of weight loss. It can help you shorten your weight loss program with no side effect. It is a wise choice to purchase these drugs, supplements, pills from a reliable source.

2. Weight loss supplements which require prescription

These weight loss pills, supplements, drugs should be taken only after the consulting the doctor. Otherwise these drugs can harm your body by their side effects. Use of these drugs, supplements is different for the peoples of different shape, age etc. With some of these weight loss pills you must follow a strict diet system. Hence you should take these supplements with the proper diet. These drugs are helpful in rapid weight loss. So if you want to lose several pounds very quickly then you can go for weight loss pills.

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