5 Powerful Fat Burning Foods for Your Abs Diet Plan

Having well planned and carefully selected abs diet plans is therefore invaluable when you are serious about getting strong, ripped abdominal muscles. It helps to know what food to include into your diet plans and what to stay far away from. Here is a list of ten power foods that will help you burn fat, keep you full and help you build strong abdominal muscles. When you want to build strong sexy abs, your diet is just as important as the right exercise. If you eat what you want but you watch your exercise, you may even put on weight.

Whole grains

You don’t have to be scared of all carbs, only of the white produced variety. Whole grains are wholesome and good for you. It keeps you full for longer and regulates your body’s insulin levels and prevents you from storing fat. Try to substitute most of your white flour products with wholegrain products.

Low fat diary products and eggs

Low fat diary products are high in protein and the high calcium content is good for weight loss. Snacking on low fat yogurt is a great way to keep yourself full. The high B12 content in eggs also helps burn fat.


If you eat a handful of nuts (no more than that because they are high in fat), it will keep you full for a long time. Nuts is full of the good fats, so don’t be afraid to eat them, just don’t eat too many.

Green leafy and other vegetables

Vegetables are high in fiber that will keep you full for longer. Your meal plate should be filled three quarters with vegetables. A great idea is to add spinach to your pasta sauces and in your casseroles.

Chicken, fish, turkey and other lean meats

Protein is the building blocks of muscles and of the body. The body also uses more calories to digest protein than it does digesting carbs. If you want to have flat abs choose lean meats and if you like red meat, just stick to low fat varieties like fillet and sirloin.

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